Working in Cyprus: All You Need to Know About the Cypriot Visa

If you are one of the many dreamers seeking to work and live in Cyprus, you need to know the important requirements associated with obtaining the necessary Cypriot visa. The island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean has become an increasingly attractive destination for people from all around the world for its temperate climate, low taxes, and its nearness to Europe. Working in Cyprus is a great option for young professionals and entrepreneurs that seek to explore new things and meet new people in a beautiful setting.

With this article, we aim to explain the visa process of working in Cyprus. This guide is tailored towards individuals interested in acquiring a visa that permits them to work and live in Cyprus. So let’s dive right in!

Do I Need a Visa for Working in Cyprus?

Whether or not you need to acquire a visa for working in Cyprus depends on two basic factors. What country you originate from and how long you intend to stay. If you are an EU citizen, you can work in Cyprus without a visa and without restrictions.

Currently, citizens of all other countries must acquire a Cyprus residence permit if they plan to stay in Cyprus for more than 90 days. All other citizens should also acquire a valid Cyprus work permit. Those with a passport from any of the following countries are exempt from the work permit requirement for certain periods of time.

Belarus – 90 days

• Hong Kong – 2 months

• Israel – 3 months

• Macau – 1 month

Russia – 90 days

Turkey – 90 days

United States – 3 months

Applying for the Cyprus Visa

If you want to work in Cyprus and you come from a country that requires a visa, you should begin the process of getting the necessary paperwork as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

Step #1: Choose the Right Visa Type

When applying for the Cyprus work visa, you have two options: a seasonal work visa or a work permit. If you’re looking for a job with an employer and plan to stay in Cyprus for more than one year, the work permit is the right choice. However, if you will only be in the area for a few months, you can apply for a seasonal work visa or – if applicable – an Electronic Travel Authorization.

Step #2: Compile the Necessary Documents

To apply for the Cyprus work permit, you will need the following documents:

• Valid passport

• Recent passport-size pictures that meet the requirements.

• Official proof of your financial status

• Employment contract from the Cypriot company offering you the job

• Evidence of completed modules from an external university

• Health insurance

• Cover letter stating reasons for wanting to work in Cyprus

• Curriculum Vitae

Step #3: Submit the Application

Once you have all of the necessary documents, you can submit your visa application. All applications for Cyprus visas are accepted through the website of the Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD). You can create an account online and begin the application process. The entire process from the application to the issuance of the visa can take several weeks or even months.

Step #4: Pay the Application Fee

You will have to pay the applicable work and residence permit fees before the Cyprus visa can be issued. The fees can range from €40 to €200 plus a stamp fee.

Step #5: Collect the Work Permit

Once the application process is completed, you can collect your Cyprus visa from the CRMD office or have it sent to you through mail. The visa is typically valid for one year and can be extended for multiple years up to a maximum of five years, depending on the type of visa.


Whether or not you need a visa for working in Cyprus depends on your nationality. If you require a visa, the visa process is rather simple and straightforward. All you need to do is compile the necessary documents, submit the application online, pay the fee, and collect the work permit from the CRMD office or have it sent to you through mail.

We hope this article has served to shed some light on the process of applying for a Cyprus visa. Good luck on your visa journey, and may your dreams of living and working in Cyprus come true!