Emigrating to Belarus: Everything You Need to Know

Belarus, also known as the “Last Dictatorship of Europe,” is a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe. While Belarus has been making efforts to attract foreign investment and talent, the country is still a bit of a mystery to many people. In this article, we will explore what it takes to emigrate to Belarus, including the immigration process, job opportunities, cost of living, and more.

Introduction to Belarus

Belarus is a country located in Eastern Europe, bordered by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. The capital of Belarus is Minsk, and the official language is Belarusian and Russian. Belarus is a landlocked country and has a population of around 9.5 million people.

Why Consider Emigrating to Belarus?

Belarus is a country with a lot of potential for expats. The country has a low cost of living, with affordable housing, healthcare, and education. Belarus is also known for its high-quality IT industry, which is growing rapidly, and it is home to several tech companies. Furthermore, Belarus has a rich cultural heritage and is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Immigration Process

The immigration process to Belarus is relatively straightforward. Foreigners must obtain a visa to enter the country, and there are several types of visas available, including short-term and long-term visas. To obtain a long-term visa, applicants must have a valid job offer, business invitation, or study invitation from a Belarusian educational institution.

Job Opportunities

Belarus has a growing economy, with a significant focus on the IT industry. The country is home to several tech companies, including EPAM Systems, which is one of the largest software development companies in the world. Furthermore, Belarus has a strong manufacturing industry, with several large companies operating in the country, such as BelAZ, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of dump trucks.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Belarus is relatively low compared to other European countries. Housing is affordable, with the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the city center being around $300-400 per month. Food and transportation are also affordable, with a meal in an inexpensive restaurant costing around $5 and a one-way ticket on public transportation costing around $0.40.


Belarus has a well-established education system, with several highly-regarded universities. The country has a strong focus on STEM fields, with several universities offering programs in engineering, computer science, and other related fields. Furthermore, the cost of education in Belarus is relatively low compared to other European countries, making it an attractive option for international students.


Belarus has a public healthcare system that provides free or low-cost healthcare to its citizens. However, the quality of healthcare can vary, with some hospitals and clinics lacking modern equipment and resources. Private healthcare is also available in Belarus, with several private clinics offering high-quality healthcare services.

Language and Culture

The official languages of Belarus are Belarusian and Russian. While many Belarusians speak both languages, Russian is more commonly spoken in everyday life. Belarus has a rich cultural heritage, with several museums, art galleries, and theaters showcasing the country’s history and culture.


Emigrating to Belarus can be an excellent option for expats looking for a low-cost country with a growing economy and a strong IT industry. The immigration process is relatively straightforward, and the country offers several job opportunities in various sectors. While there are some challenges to living in Belarus, such as the language barrier and the country’s political climate, the benefits of living in the country outweigh the


Can I migrate to Belarus? Yes, it is possible to migrate to Belarus. The country has a few immigration programs that are designed for foreigners who want to move to Belarus permanently. Can a foreigner live in Belarus? Yes, foreigners are allowed to live in Belarus. They can live and work in the country if they have the necessary visa or residence permit. How do I get permanent residence in Belarus? To get permanent residence in Belarus, you need to apply for a temporary residence permit first. You must live in Belarus for at least one year on a temporary residence permit before you can apply for a permanent residence permit. How can a foreigner get a job in Belarus? Foreigners can get a job in Belarus by applying for a work visa. The employer in Belarus needs to provide a job offer to the foreigner, and the foreigner needs to apply for a work visa at the Belarusian embassy in their country of residence.  Can I work in Belarus with a visit visa? No, it is not possible to work in Belarus with a visit visa. Foreigners need a work visa or a residence permit to work in Belarus. The visit visa is only for tourism purposes and does not allow the holder to work in the country.
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