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The best time to find a “perfect job” isn’t when you are out of a job, obviously. There’s too much pressure to take whatever’s in front of you. The best time to find a good job is when there is not too much at stake. Anyone can find the perfect job if only they had the time to look for the perfect job. But who has the time? There was already too much to catch up with then they brought Chatgpt. Don’t even get me started on Chatgpt. So, nobody has the time to find the perfect job? Yes,  nobody; should we drop all we’re working on and begin job-hunting? No that’s what the robots are there for. You set a target of what you want your next pay cheque to be. Don’t be ridiculous, or be ridiculous, whatever works for you. Set a good salary, set a job title in a role you feel most comfortable, set countries you’d like to work (let your mind take you places on this one, hopefully we have them in our database); and then let our robots do the rest. You carry on doing what you were doing. Once you have set your search criteria, our tool will automatically scan job postings and find all the job openings that meet your requirements. It will then send you an email with the job postings’ details that match your selected criteria. You can choose to receive these emails on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your preference. This allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest job openings and makes it easier to manage your job search process. Register now to enjoy the full features.