About Carlisle

Nestled in England’s northwest near the Scottish border, Carlisle boasts a rich history, iconic medieval sites, and a vibrant blend of tradition and modernity, drawing residents and visitors alike.

Carlisle offers cultural delights like museums and galleries, with the Tullie House Museum highlighting its heritage. It serves as a gateway to the scenic Lake District, drawing outdoor enthusiasts and visitors seeking a diverse experience.

Transportation in Carlisle

Carlisle’s well-connected transportation network, including the M6 motorway, A69, and key railway station on the West Coast Main Line, enhances accessibility for commuters and tourists, linking the city to major destinations across the UK.

Carlisle features an extensive bus network centered around the Carlisle Bus Station, providing convenient mobility for residents and visitors. Its proximity to the Lake District also attracts outdoor enthusiasts, bolstering its reputation as a key transit hub in northwest England. 

Economic Opportunities in Carlisle

Carlisle offers diverse economic opportunities, with sectors like retail, healthcare, logistics, and education providing jobs and contributing to the city’s economic vibrancy. Its strategic location and proximity to the Scottish border also support cross-border trade and commerce, further bolstering its economic prospects. 

Cultural Diversity in Carlisle

Carlisle exhibits cultural diversity through a mix of residents and visitors, fostering a blend of traditions, languages, and culinary influences. This multicultural dynamic is enriched by the city’s various cultural festivals and events, creating an inclusive and vibrant community.


Educational Opportunities in Carlisle

Educational opportunities in Carlisle include a range of primary and secondary schools known for their quality. The city is also home to the University of Cumbria, offering higher education options, and numerous cultural and educational institutions that contribute to a well-rounded learning experience.


Quality of Life in Carlisle

Carlisle offers a good quality of life with its mix of historic charm and modern amenities, providing residents and visitors access to picturesque landscapes in Cumbria, a rich cultural scene, and convenient transportation links, making it an attractive place to live, work, and explore.


Travel and Transport in Southampton

Travel and transport in Southampton are well facilitated through a combination of road, rail, and maritime connections. The city’s international cruise port, a major gateway for cruises, along with Southampton Airport and a central railway station.

Average rental price for a studio apartment in Carlisle

£ 800

Average rental price for a two bedroom in Carlisle

£ 700


Average rental price for a four bedroom in Carlisle

£ 1,900


Please note that the prices above are literal average figures, which may be easily skewed. Real market figures may be higher or lower.  

Average rental price for a one bedroom in Carlisle

£ 650

Average rental price for a three bedroom in Carlisle

£ 1,200


Carlisle Ethnicity Distribution Percentage

White British: 95%
Asian/Asian British: 2%
Black: 0.5%
Mixed ethnicity: 1.5%
Other ethnic groups: 1%

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Most Popular Foreign Nationalities in Carlisle

Carlisle, being a relatively small city, may not have as diverse a foreign population as larger cities in the UK. However, it still attracts people from various nationalities for work, education, and cultural exchange. Some of the more prominent foreign nationalities in Carlisle might include:

1. Polish

Carlisle has witnessed a noticeable increase in its Polish population due to migration in recent years. Polish immigrants have contributed significantly to various sectors of the city’s workforce, including industries like construction, agriculture, healthcare, and hospitality. Their cultural presence has added diversity to Carlisle’s social fabric.

2. Romanian

Romanian citizens constitute a growing foreign-born group across England and Wales. While specific data for Carlisle may not be available, Romania ranks as one of the top countries of origin for immigrants in the UK. Their contributions span across multiple sectors, reflecting their presence in the national demographic landscape.

3. German

Over the years, a portion of the German population has migrated to the UK, with some settling in Carlisle. German immigrants have brought their expertise to various fields, contributing to the city’s economy and cultural diversity.

4. Irish

With a historical migration pattern, the Irish have a strong presence in the UK, including Carlisle. Their settlement in the city over generations has enriched its cultural tapestry and community life.

5. Welsh

Welsh migration to England has been a longstanding tradition, and some individuals or families have chosen Carlisle as their place of settlement, contributing to the multicultural makeup of the city.

6. Italian

The UK has seen an influx of Italian immigrants over the years, and while not as prominent in Carlisle compared to other areas, some Italians have chosen to reside in the city, bringing aspects of their rich culture and traditions.

7. Other European Countries

People from various European countries, including France, Spain, and Switzerland, have contributed to the foreign-born population in the UK. Although specific data for Carlisle might not be available, individuals from these countries may have chosen to make Carlisle their home, further diversifying the city’s population.

8. Indian

Indian citizens constitute a significant foreign-born group in the UK. While specific data for Carlisle might not be available, Indians have made substantial contributions to various sectors across the country, including academia, technology, healthcare, and business.

9. Pakistani

Similar to Indian citizens, Pakistanis are among the largest foreign-born groups in England and Wales. While specific data for Carlisle might not be available, Pakistanis have been integral to the multicultural landscape of the UK, contributing to various sectors and communities.

10. Chinese and Bangladeshi

Chinese and Bangladeshi citizens are significant foreign-born groups in the UK. Although specific data for Carlisle might not be available, both communities have made substantial contributions to the UK’s cultural diversity, business, and education sectors.

The presence of these diverse ethnicities in Carlisle showcases the city’s multiculturalism and the contributions made by various immigrant communities to its social, cultural, and economic development.

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