Having the opportunity to pursue a dual qualification is increasingly popular in many countries, including the UK. A joint degree from a UK University is the perfect stepping stone to a successful academic career. With the advantages it brings, such as greater flexibility, enhanced job prospects, and the chance to explore two academic areas of interest, it’s worth considering taking a joint degree route through a UK University.

What is a Joint Degree?

A joint degree is an educational degree that combines two distinct qualifications, such as a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science. Students study two different courses, taking classes and tests in both areas and are then awarded with a joint degree.

Reasons to Pursue a Joint Degree

Pursuing a joint degree through a UK University offers students a range of benefits:


With a joint degree, you get the flexibility to study two distinct qualifications within one course of study. This will give you a broad base of knowledge and skills that can be applied to a wide range of employment opportunities.

Hands-on Experience

You may choose to pursue a joint degree through a UK University because it provides you with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in two subject areas. You could, for example, take a course in management and a course in public relations to gain experience in the two fields – a particular advantage if you are looking to start a career in the management field.

Career Advancement

By taking a joint degree, you can differentiate yourself from other graduates through enhanced qualifications that demonstrate a greater breadth of knowledge. As a result, you’ll stand a better chance of gaining a job in your chosen field and potentially a more senior job at that.

Learning Opportunities

A joint degree programme through a UK University enables you to explore two different disciplines within a single academic course of study. From an educational standpoint, you will benefit from learning about two different areas of study and be equipped with the skills and knowledge to engage with them on a deeper level.

Benefits of Pursing a Joint Degree in a UK University

The UK is a world leader when it comes to providing joint degree qualifications, with many universities across the country offering a variety of two-subject combinations. Here are some of the key benefits of earning a dual degree through one of the UK’s many renowned universities:

    • You will have access to world-class teaching and research facilities.


    • You will have the opportunity to engage with like-minded students on both courses.


    • You will gain experience of both the academic and professional worlds.


    • You will come away with a higher degree of qualification.


    • You will have the opportunity to pursue a more specialized career.


Advice for Choosing a Joint Degree

To maximize the benefits of obtaining a joint degree, it’s important to choose the right combination of degrees. Here are some tips to help you decide which two qualifications to pursue:

  1. Consider what career you’d like to pursue.
  2. Think about the kind of skills and knowledge you would need.
  3. Research the possibility of combining two different qualifications.
  4. Get advice from tutors and other students who have taken the same course.
  5. Be realistic about the amount of work, and the time commitment, you can manage.


Can I complete a joint degree online?

Yes, many universities in the UK offer remote learning or online study for joint degrees. This can be a great option for those with commitments such as a job or family.

Does a joint degree give me a higher salary?

Having a joint degree could potentially make you more attractive to employers and thus give you the opportunity to negotiate a higher salary. However, it depends on the particular roles on offer, and the competition for those roles.

Will I get access to better jobs with a joint degree?

Pursuing a joint degree can give you a greater range of knowledge and skills, which can make you more attractive to employers and open up more career opportunities.


Taking a joint degree through a UK University offers an array of advantages, from greater flexibility and access to world-class research facilities, to enhanced career prospects and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of two academic disciplines. Be sure to do your research and think carefully about what two qualifications would best complement each other for your desired career path. With the right combination of qualifications, a UK joint degree could be the perfect stepping stone for success.

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