A global move is a significant lifestyle change. When moving from Croatia to the UK, there are many factors to consider that could drastically improve or disrupt your comfort and success. ‘Preparation is key’ is an old adage, but it rings especially true when making a large-scale international move. From Learning the Language to Assimilating into the Culture and Everything in Between, here’s how to make sure you have the best experience when transitioning to the UK from Croatia.

Explore the Country

The UK is a world-famous country with so much to explore! Get to the know the country before you commit to a big move by traveling – even if it’s only for a few weeks. Visit the cities you’re considering living in, find out what type of people inhabit the area, and get to understand the local landscape.

Though exploring a country is fun, doing it as a potential immigrant is even more beneficial. Being able to experience the people, culture, and potential lifestyle of the area is helpful in making preparations like understanding the local language, finding employment, adjusting to the climate, and more.

Learn English

English is the UK’s national language, and unless you’re moving to a homely Croatian community, you’ll need to learn the language. Before buying your ticket for the plane bound for the UK, invest time in learning the language properly.

There are plenty of free and low-cost resources you can use. From YouTube videos to language-learning apps, you’re sure to find something that suits your budget and learning style. Don’t forget to practice with native English speakers in order to get used to accents. Otherwise, you might be in for a few surprises when you finally reach the UK!

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Research the Housing Market

The UK is known for its expensive housing market. Before arriving, do your best to explore the housing market. Research neighborhoods, cities, and more to find out if they suit you.

Additionally, understand the different types of housing in the UK. From lofts to terraced homes, the UK’s housing landscape is distinct. Do the necessary research to make sure you’ll feel comfortable and happy in your new home.

Consider Your Job Opportunities

The UK has a robust economy, with many job opportunities available in various positions. Before making the move, spend time researching the job market in the UK to find out whether you can transfer your skills from Croatia to the UK, or if you need to look for another job or pursue further education or training.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the UK’s divers job market. From food delivery to tourism, the UK offers plenty of opportunities for individuals with the right skillset.

Understand the Visa Process

The UK has strict visa requirements for Croatian citizens. Make sure to begin the visa process on time, understanding the associated fees and documents needed to ensure a smooth transition into the country.

It’s important that you do your due diligence to read up on the guidelines and regulations of the UK’s immigration system to ensure that you don’t miss out any paperwork or details.

Familiarize Yourself with Local Customs

No matter where you go, it’s important to be courteous and find out about the local customs. Most customs could be drastically different between Croatia and the UK, from shaking someone’s hand to the societal etiquette standards when out and about.

Do your best to review the common customs and courtesies to make sure you don’t end up offending anyone with your behavior. Additionally, understand the local laws and regulations to ensure that you don’t end up on the wrong side of the law.

Adapt to the Climate

The UK and Croatia have vastly different climates. Before making a move to the UK, understand what kind of temperatures to expect, how thick a coat you need in the winter, and what type of clothing is appropriate for the summer.

If you’re moving to the UK from the summer heat of Croatia, don’t forget to invest in the warm and thick clothing that the British weather can bring.

Settle into British Culture

The UK is already home to a variety of cultures, one of the reasons being its long history of immigration. However, each culture has different mannerisms and folkloric customs. It’s important to get to know the local culture before making a move to the UK so that you’ll be able to fit in comfortably in your new home country.

Contact Friends and Family Back Home

Though Croatia won’t be too far away, it’ll still require twice (or more!) the amount of time you’d need to visit when it was just a few hours away by train. It’s important to stay in contact with your friends and family while you’re settling into your new home to make sure that the transition is comfortable and happy.

Be Mindful of the Cost of Living

The cost of living in the UK can be different compared to Croatia. Indeed, the cost of living in certain cities like London can be quite high, meaning that you’ll need to make sure you’re financially prepared for the transition.

It’s important to research the cost of the basics like rent, food, clothes, and entertainment to understand how to best manage your resources. Once you understand the cost of living, begin budgeting to make sure that you’re comfortable and happy with your transition to the UK.

Test Your Driving Skill

The driving laws in the UK and Croatia may differ, so it’s important to get used to the new traffic rules and laws of the country. Take a practice driving test to familiarize yourself with the local regulations so that you’re confident behind the wheel when you take the real driving test.

Look for Community Groups

Making friends is crucial for making your transition comfortable and happy. Consider joining or forming community groups or networks in your new city so you can meet new people and create friendships that can make individual acculturation much easier.


Making a global move from one country to another is a major life transition. From exploring the country to learning the language and understanding the local customs, there’s a lot that can affect the success and comfort of your move. When moving from Croatia to the UK, preparation is key to making sure that you have a comfortable and successful transition.


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