Navigating the UK Visitor Visa Application Process

Global mobility can present numerous hurdles for those wishing to live and work abroad, particularly in relation to visa applications. Corporate global mobility managers considering moves to the United Kingdom will face the additional challenge of navigating the UK Visitor Visa Application Process. This article outlines the information needed to understand and successfully complete the UK Visitor Visa Application Process.

Eligibility and Forms

Individuals managing corporate global mobility to the United Kingdom must first determine if he or she is eligible to apply foor the UK Visitor Visa. Those interested in applying must already hold valid citizenship in their home country; furthermore, they must meet the UK’s residency requirements.

Once eligibility is established, applicants for the UK Visitor Visa must complete the application form and submit required documents. Forms are typically divided into two main sections:

* Personal details
* Supporting information

Questions and requirements may vary depending on the visa entered. Of note, applicants, applicants may include previous countries of residence, details of education, passport information, and other data.

Processing Times

Generally, the UK Visitor Visa Application Process includes a standard application fee, which must be paid in full before a case is submitted. Once an application has been received, it typically takes between 3–6 weeks to process and determine the outcome. However, when reaching out to the diversity team to arrange corporate global mobility, companies should plan to allow more time for reviewing the application, just in case.

Additional Documentation

In addition to the UK Visitor Visa Form, there are also several items that must be supplied along with the application. These items may include documents that demonstrate:

* Sufficient English language proficiency
* Financial stability
* Reason for travel

The specifics vary depending on the individual, but typical documentation may include:

* Evidence of advanced employee training
* Evidence of travel insurance
* An invitation letter from the host organization
* Bank statements

Refusal of Entry

In the event that an application is rejected, the refusal of entry must be immediately acted upon. Rejected applications are usually accompanied by a letter outlining the reasons for the decision. Once received, the team handling corporate global mobility must speak with the relevant government agency or legal counsel for advice.

Entry Clearance

In the event of a successful application and entry clearance, corporate global mobility must submit the original documents handed over to the UK Embassy. The original documents must be submitted by mail or by providing them to the person lodging the application. Once an individual has been granted entry clearance to the UK, corporate global mobility is complete.

Summary of Required Documentation

Below is an at-a-glance list of the documents that may be required when applying for a UK Visitor Visa.

* Valid passport
* Completed application form
* Passport photos
* Evidence of travel insurance
* An invitation letter
* Evidence of sufficient funds
* Evidence of English language proficiency
* Evidence of advanced employee training
* Bank statements


Q. How long does the UK Visitor Visa Application Process take?
A. Generally, the process takes 3–6 weeks from submission.

Q. Is a UK Visitor Visa applicable to those wishing to live and work in the UK?
A. No, the UK Visitor Visa is not applicable for those wishing to live and work abroad. Those wishing to live and work abroad should apply for the UK Points-Based System.

Q. What happens if my application is rejected?
A. If an application is rejected, contact the relevant agency or consult with legal counsel.


The UK Visitor Visa Application Process can be complex and challenging, particularly when arranging corporate global mobility. Knowing the eligibility requirements, understanding the forms, and gathering the necessary documentation are all part of the process. With the right preparation, corporations managing global mobility to the UK can successfully navigate the UK Visitor Visa Application Process.