Navigating British Naturalisation

The process of British naturalisation can be tricky, but understanding the process and being prepared are two effective ways of making the journey towards becoming a British citizen smoother and more successful. This article will provide invaluable information for global mobility professionals guiding non-British nationals through the steps needed to become British citizens.

What Does Naturalisation entail?

Naturalisation is the legal process whereby a non-British citizen applies to the UK government for citizenship. This process enables the individual to obtain permanent residence or settle in the UK, allowing them to live and work without restriction. In order to qualify for naturalisation, the applicant must meet a long list of eligibility criteria, including having been resident in the UK for a minimum of five years and showing sufficient knowledge of language and life in the UK.

Key Steps in the Naturalisation Process

When it comes to the practical process of naturalisation, there are several key steps which will need to be taken in order to achieve the desired outcome.

    • Assessment of eligibility – the applicant must ensure that they meet the minimum requirements in order to be considered eligible for naturalisation.
    • Submission of the application – the completed official application form must be submitted to the Home Office along with the necessary documentation.
    • Secure ID check – the applicant will need to attend an appointment with an authorised ID check provider.
    • Biometric scan – the applicant will need to attend another appointment with the Home Office in order to provide their biometric information.
    • Awaiting decision – once the application has been submitted, the waiting period for a decision can vary.
    • Decision and oath – once the decision has been made, the applicant will be required to take an oath.

Covering the Cost of Naturalisation

As with many official processes, there is a cost associated with applying for naturalisation; currently, this is £1,330 for each adult application. This cost covers the application fee, the cost of the ID check, and the cost of the biometric scan.

Managing Risk

When it comes to the naturalisation process, the risks associated with non-compliance and non-adherence can be particularly high. As such, employers should ensure strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in order to accurately assess eligibility. This is why it is important to seek professional advice and guidance when helping individuals through the naturalisation process.

Knowing the Timeframe

When aiding non-British nationals through the naturalisation process, it is important to understand the approximate timeframe involved. In general, applicants should expect the process to take around six months, as long as all the necessary documents are provided in a timely manner and eligibility has been accurately assessed.

Gaining Support for an Application

In addition to providing all the necessary documents, an applicant may find it helpful to obtain support from a number of individuals and organisations. This could include support from employers, or from recommended professional service providers. Furthermore, an applicant may choose to apply for legal aid to assist in the process.

Staying Abreast of Changes

The naturalisation process is likely to evolve over time, and employers and global mobility professionals should keep up-to-date with relevant laws and regulations. This includes staying aware of any changes in eligibility criteria which may occur as a result of Brexit or other political and legislative developments.

Managing Expectations

When guiding non-British nationals through the naturalisation process, it is important to manage expectations and be prepared for any potential difficulties or delays. This helps individuals to remain hopeful and motivated throughout the journey, and ensures that any problems are identified and addressed in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • How long does the naturalisation process take?In general, it can take around 6 months, depending on how quickly the applicant is able to provide all the necessary documents.
    • What is the cost of application?Currently, the cost of application is £1,330 per adult.
    • How can legal aid be obtained?Legal aid can be applied for in order to assist with the process.
    • What documents are required?The required documents include an application form, proof of residence, identity documents, and proof of language proficiency.


Navigating the British naturalisation process can be a challenge, but with the right information and support, it is possible to make the process smoother and more successful. Understanding the steps of the process, being aware of the associated costs, and staying up-to-date with any changes to laws or regulations are all crucial for global mobility professionals guiding non-British nationals through the naturalisation process.

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