Ireland Visitor Visas: Long Stay ‘D’ Visas

Do you have plans to go to Ireland for an extended stay? Ireland Visitor Visas, also known as Long Stay “D” Visas, are the way to go. Continuing here in this article, we will explore these permits, as well as provide some clear-cut answers as to what you need to know in order to gain entry into Ireland.

What is a Long Stay ‘D’ Visa?

At its core, a Long Stay ‘D’ Visa is simply an Irish visa that allows visitors from select countries to stay in the Emerald Isle for periods of up to 365 days. Any individual who meets the relevant criteria and gains their visa is allowed to take up many different types of activities; this includes working, studying and general tourism.

Who is Eligible for a Long Stay ‘D’ Visa?

In order to be approved for a visa, applicants must meet a certain set of criteria. These tests will look at such things as:

  • Age
  • Proof of an income in excess of enough to cover basic living costs
  • Proof of private health insurance
  • Proof of no criminal record
  • Proof that the applicant is intending to leave the country upon expiration of their visa

Naturally, any applicant interested in obtaining a Long Stay ‘D’ Visa must also provide the appropriate documentation, such as a valid passport.

Countries Allowed Entry to Ireland

Though a visa is required of citizens of select countries wishing to enter Ireland, the following countries are exempt from the visa requirement for shorter visits:

Applying for a Long Stay ‘D’ Visa

In terms of how to get an Irish visa, applicants should fill out the necessary paperwork and submit their application and the associated fees. Typical documents include a valid passport, letter of acceptance, or marriage certificate. Depending on the country of origin, conversations with the consulate offices may vary, so it is best to come prepared with the proper documents.

It is worth noting that applicants should be advised that there are a range of fees associated with obtaining and sustaining a Long Stay ‘D’ Visa in Ireland. These fees vary depending on the length of stay, type of application, and other specific information.

Responsibilities of Long Stay ‘D’ Visa Holders

Part of the requirements associated with having such a visa includes being able to demonstrate that the individual is indeed a legitimate visitor. Those who have violated their visas, such as taking on paid work or failing to extend their stay, can face punishment and removal from the country.

It is also of importance to remember that Long Stay ‘D’ Visa holders are expected to respect the local laws and culture of the country. Furthermore, visitors to the country are expected to have adequate medical coverage and private health insurance.

Types of Long Stay ‘D’ Visas Available

The type of visa issued depends on the specific needs of the individual, and some of the more common ones are:

  • Business visa
  • Student visa
  • Spouse visa
  • Family visas
  • Work visas
  • Tourist visas

Duration of Long Stay ‘D’ Visas

In general, Long Stay ‘D’ Visas issued in Ireland can be valid for up to one year; this length is generally based on the individual’s purpose of travel and the type of visa being applied for. Keep in mind that any extensions need to be applied for at least one month before the expiration of the initial visa.

FAQs: Ireland Visitor Visas

  • What is the maximum duration of a Long Stay ‘D’ Visa?
  • A Long Stay ‘D’ Visa can be valid for up to one year.
  • Are there certain countries exempt from needing a visa in order to enter Ireland?
  • Yes. Citizens of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, and the USA are exempt from needing such a visa.
  • What is the cost for an Irish Visitor Visa?
  • The cost of the visa will vary depending on an individual’s travel purpose and the type of visa being applied for.
  • Are Long Stay ‘D’ Visas renewable?
  • Yes, visas can be renewed if the appropriate paperwork and fees are supplied at least one month before expiration.
  • Do I need medical insurance to receive a Long Stay ‘D’ Visa?
  • Yes, Irish Visitor Visas require holders to present valid proof of medical insurance or private health insurance.

The Bottom Line

Ireland Visitor Visas, or Long Stay ‘D’ Visas, are the key to gaining entry into the Emerald Isle for extended periods of time. Those applicants from approved countries that meet the criteria and provide the necessary paperwork and fees will be granted visas for stays up to one year in duration.

In addition to having a valid visa and passport, it is important to remember that holders must present proof of meeting their financial and health obligations in order to legally remain in the country. Finally, it is of the highest importance to be familiar with the visa renewal process, in order for the stay in Ireland to be extended beyond the initial 365 days.


Long Stay ‘D’ Visas are a great way to experience the beauty of Ireland for longer periods of time, but it is important to prepare properly in advance. Knowing who is eligible to apply, what type of visa is best suited, and having all the required documents ready are the best ways to ensure that the application process goes as smoothly as possible. With enough information and good preparation, visiting the wonderful country of Ireland will surely be a thrilling experience.

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