The Training Visa (Subclass 407) is designed for individuals seeking occupational training in Australia. It allows applicants to participate in workplace-based training programs to enhance their skills and knowledge. This visa encourages international training and skill development by facilitating participation in structured training programs in various fields.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for a Training Visa (Subclass 407), applicants must:

  • Be sponsored by an approved training organization or employer in Australia.
  • Demonstrate a genuine intention to stay temporarily for the purpose of training.
  • Have the skills and qualifications necessary for the training program.
  • Provide evidence of financial capacity to support themselves during their stay.
  • Not have previously held a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (Subclass 457 or 482) unless applying for the Supplementary Training (Subclass 407) stream.

Application Process:

  1. Sponsorship: Obtain sponsorship from an approved sponsor, which could be an employer or a training organization.
  2. Nomination: Your sponsor submits a nomination to the Department of Home Affairs outlining the training program details.
  3. Application Lodgment: Submit your visa application online, providing all necessary information and supporting documents.
  4. Health and Character Checks: Undergo health examinations and provide police clearance certificates from all countries where you have lived for 12 months or more in the last 10 years.
  5. Visa Decision: Wait for a decision. The processing time varies based on the complexity of the application.
  6. Visa Grant: If approved, you will receive your visa with specified conditions.


  • Structured Training: Engage in structured workplace-based training programs.
  • Duration: The visa allows varying durations based on the type of training program.
  • Work Rights: Work with the sponsor under the conditions specified in the visa.
  • Study: Enroll in short-term, incidental study while on the visa.


Q: Can I change my training program after the visa is granted?
A: No, the training program and details specified in the visa application and nomination must be adhered to.

Q: Can I include family members in my application?
A: Family members can be included in the application, but they must meet the health and character requirements.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of times I can apply for this visa?
A: There is no specific limit on the number of applications, but each application must meet the eligibility criteria.

Q: Can I work for a different employer during my training?
A: No, the visa conditions usually specify the sponsor organization where training must occur. Working for a different employer would require a new visa application.

Q: Can I extend my stay on this visa?
A5: Extensions are possible if the training program duration allows. Extensions must be applied for before the current visa expires, demonstrating the need for additional training.

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