The Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) is designed for international students who have recently graduated from an Australian institution. It allows graduates to live, study, and work in Australia temporarily. This visa has two streams: the Graduate Work Stream for graduates with skills and qualifications relevant to specific occupations, and the Post-Study Work Stream for recent graduates with higher education qualifications from an Australian institution.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Recent Graduation: You must have completed an eligible qualification from an Australian institution in the last six months.
  2. Appropriate Visa Stream: Choose the correct stream based on your qualifications and the course you studied.
  3. Age Limit: You must be under 50 years of age.
  4. Health and Character: Meet health and character requirements as specified by the Australian immigration authorities.
  5. English Proficiency: Some streams require evidence of English proficiency.

Application Process:

  1. Gather Documents: Collect necessary documents, including proof of graduation, English language proficiency (if required), health insurance, and financial capacity.
  2. Online Application: Lodge your application online through the official Australian immigration website, specifying the correct stream.
  3. Biometrics and Health Checks: Attend biometrics collection if required and complete necessary health examinations.
  4. Wait for a Decision: The processing time varies based on the stream and individual circumstances. You may be asked for additional documents or information.
  5. Visa Grant: Once approved, you will receive a visa grant notice specifying the conditions of your stay.


  1. Work Rights: Work full-time in Australia, providing opportunities to gain practical experience in your field of study.
  2. Study Opportunities: Enroll in further studies during your stay in Australia.
  3. Travel Flexibility: Enter and leave Australia multiple times while the visa is valid.
  4. Pathway to Permanent Residency: Provides a pathway to several permanent residency visas, allowing skilled graduates to stay in Australia permanently.
  5. Dependents: Your family members can be included in the application to live, study, and work in Australia.


Q: Can I include my family members in my application?
A: Yes, eligible family members can be included, allowing them to live, study, and work in Australia.

Q: Is there a specific list of eligible institutions for this visa?
A: Generally, graduates from any Australian institution are eligible. However, it’s crucial to ensure your course and institution are recognized by the Australian government.

Q: Can I apply for permanent residency after this visa expires?
A: Yes, the Temporary Graduate Visa can be a pathway to permanent residency through various skilled migration programs. Check the latest immigration rules and points requirements for updated information.

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